This is the new and revised Sherwood Rangers website. We’ve done this as part of the growing number of visitors to the site and the addition of some new features.

This website was run by Sherwood Rangers veteran, Ken Ewing. He unfortunately passed away on 21st April 2010 and this site is now kept going by his family to honour his memory. Ken volunteered for the Sherwood Rangers on the first day of the war and was one of only 3 “originals” who survived the whole conflict. Read his story here where he talks to his good friend Karl who he fought against in the Battle of Tebaga Gap in March 1943. Karl was with the 21st Panzer Division.

To see some of the tanks used, visit the Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset.

This site specifically covers the Sherwood Rangers during World War 2. They are of course still an active regiment and played a crucial role in World War 1.

Want to join the Sherwood Rangers? Then  click here or find out more on their facebook page here.

* NEW * We’ve now added a Photo Gallery to our website and are very keen to receive any photos that you would like to share of former members of the regiment. If you have some, just click here to send them to us.

NOW WITH VIDEOS ….. We are uploading video onto the site as well of former veterans talking about battles they were in. Click here to see our latest videos.


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